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DAE-AN022: Home Assistant and Denkovi Modules

Home Assistant turns your Raspberry Pi (or another device) into the ultimate home automation hub. With Home Assistant, you can focus on integrating your devices and writing automations.




Instructions how to run the Denkovi Modules with Home Assistant

1. Install Home Assistant. Instructions can be found here. The current examples are tested on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 64bit and Home Assistant 2023.1.4 Supervisor 2023.06.4 Operating System 9.2 Frontend 20230110.0



2. It is needed to install the "Configurator" Add-on. It is recommend for uploading the Denkovi devices files as shown below.


3. Download the Denkovi devices files archive from this link


4. Extract


5. In the main directory, it is the file secrets.yaml. Copy this file to hassio -> config/secrets.yaml


6. Find the particular directory for your Denkovi module from the main directory of the archive. The folder name shows the module type and the communication protocol used. Supported modules list is shown below:


Denkovi device
Folder Name
DAEnetIP2 - SNMP Ethernet controller with 24 digital/analog I/O (and all relay kits and modules based on it) HA.DAEnetIP2.SNMP
DAEnetIP2 - SNMP 8 Relay Module HA.DAEnetIP2 8 Relay module-WEB.SNMP
DAEnetIP3 - HTTP Ethernet controller with 32 digital/analog I/O (and all relay kits and modules based on it) HA.DAEnetIP3.HTTP, HA.DAEnetIP3.TCP1, HA.DAEnetIP3.TCP2
DAEnetIP4 - SNMP Ethernet controller with 34 digital/analog I/O (and all relay kits and modules based on it) HA.DAEnetIP4.SNMP, HA.DAEnetIP4.HTTP
smartDEN 16 Relay Module HA.smartDEN IP-16R.SNMP, HA.smartDEN IP-16R.HTTP
smartDEN 16 Relay Module (ModBus-TCP) HA.smartDEN IP-16R - Modbus.TCP, HA.smartDEN IP-16R.HTTP
smartDEN 16 Relay Module (MQTT) HA.smartDEN IP-16R - MQTT, HA.smartDEN IP-16R.HTTP
smartDEN IP-Maxi HA.smartDEN IP-Maxi.SNMP, HA.smartDEN IP-Maxi.HTTP
smartDEN IP-Maxi (MQTT) HA.smartDEN IP-Maxi-MQ.MQTT, HA.smartDEN IP-Maxi-MQ.HTTP
smartDEN IP-Maxi (ModBus-TCP) HA.smartDEN IP-Maxi - Modbus.TCP, HA.smartDEN IP-Maxi.HTTP
smartDEN IP-32IN Module HA.smartDEN IP-32IN.SNMP, HA.smartDEN IP-32IN.HTTP
smartDEN Notifier HA.smartDEN Notifier.MQTT, HA.smartDEN Notifier.HTTP
smartDEN Logger HA.Logger.HTTP
smartDEN Watchdog HA.smartDEN IP-WatchDog.HTTP
USB 16 Relay Module - ModBus RTU (PCB) / USB 16 Relay Module - ModBus RTU (Din Rail Box) HA.USB-16.RTU
smartDEN Opener HA.smartDEN Opener.HTTP, HA.smartDEN Opener.MQTT
WiFi 16 Relay Board (PCB) / WiFi 16 Relay Board (Din Rail Box) HA.WiFi 16 Relay.TCP
WiFi 16 Relay Module - ModBus (PCB) / WiFi 16 Relay Module - ModBus (Din Rail Box) HA.WiFi 16 Relay - Modbus.TCP, HA.WiFi 16 Relay - Modbus.UDP
DAEnetIP2 v2 - SNMP Ethernet controller with 24 digital/analog I/O (and all relay kits and modules based on it) HA.DAEnetIP2 v2.SNMP
DAEnetIP2 v2 - SNMP 8 Relay Module HA.DAEnetIP2 v2 Eight Relay Module.SNMP


In the folder HA.Multiple_Devices you will find examples of more than one device.

In some devices' folders (for example MQTT and ModBus) you will find two sub-folders - Old_Style and New_Style respectively for the old code style and new code style (depending on the Home Assistant version).


5. Inside the Denkovi device directory,there are another sub-directory and several files. All the IP addressess, ports, passwords, connection servers and serial ports must be replaced with the actual ones. For some devices threre is file readme.txt for more specific hints.


6. Copy the content of the particular Denkovi device directory to hassio -> config/


For example, if we work with smartDEN Notifier, the content of the Device main directory is

We need now to copy the configuration.yaml, smartDEN_Notifier.MQTT folder and the files inside smartDEN_Notifier.MQTT to hassio -> config/



7. Restart from Configuration -> Server Control -> Restart. If there are no errors, the restart should be executed successfilly. If not, an errors should appear in the "Notifications" tab.


8. The home screen should contain the Denkovi Module i/o.





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