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Welcome to our store!

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Credit Cards, we accept Visa, MasterCard
Paypal, you can place the order directly via our web shop
Wire transfer, please contact with us for Proforma-Invoice

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For EU Customers

All prices are WITHOUT VAT

If you are located in EU and your company has valid VAT number we will reduce the VAT charge AFTER you make the order as our site does not support online VAT number validation. We do it as partial refund. You can use this online tool for VAT validation:

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please take your time to get familiar with this page. It will help you to understand your rights as a buyer, and how to get a refund or return the purchased items for repair or replacement.


Our company

Name: Denkovi Assembly Electronics LTD

VAT No: BG200567198

Address: St. Stambolov str No 21, Byala, Rousse distrcit, Bulgaria




If you would like to make an order from you will have to register an account. It is simple and free. We know that this sometimes is very boring, but this is the best way to avoid mistakes during ordering process.



Do the prices include VAT?

Prices specified on product webpages do not include any taxes, VAT, customs fees or other expenses. However as our company is located in EU, VAT will be charged during checkout for customers with shipping address in EU.



We are representing EU company and have valid VAT number, will we still have VAT charged to our invoice?

If you represent company and you have filled your billing data and your VAT number is valid according VIES web page ( at the moment before shipping, your VAT will be returned as partial refund. If we note that your VAT number is not valid, we will attempt to contact with you via email to clear the issue before we ship the order.



Payment Terms

  • Payment is 100% in advance.
  • The primary currency in our web site is USD. All other currencies depend on exchange rate against USD.
  • Important information regard payment via Credit/Debit Cards: We accept Credit/Debit Cards Visa, MasterCard. This payment method is available only by order from our web shop. The currency for this payment method is USD. We issue an Invoice in USD. More payment methods:
  • This Terms & Conditions are valid when paying by Proforma Invoice by Wire transfer.




  • According our policy the handling time is up to 3 business days after clear payment is received.
  • For an order more than 5 units, the handling time could be longer than 3 business days after clear payment is received. Please contact us for more information.

Bulgarian business days are from Monday to Friday. The days Saturday and Sunday are non working days. If you place an order on Friday afternoon (Bulgarian time) or on non working day (Saturday and Sunday), the first business day for handling is Monday.




When you make your order you can select some of the shipping options we offer at that moment



Do we work with UPS?

No, we don't work with this shipping company! We won't accept orders with UPS even with customer account!



Message confirmation

Once your order is shipped, you will receive asap tracking information (tracking number, date of shipment, courier name and tracking link) to your E-mail (which is registered in the ordering information).



Additional information

For some products we provide additional information which is not public (some user's manuals and software examples). If so an automatic email message with this information will be send once the order is shipped within the handling timeframe.




Since the actual delivery of your order can be impacted by many events beyond Denkovi A E LTD control once it leaves our facilities, Denkovi A E LTD cannot be held liable for late deliveries. We will, however, work with you to ensure a smooth delivery.



What if the order can not be delivered the first time ?

  • In case of courier option used (GLS, DPD, DHL, TNT): the courer will try to contact with the customer to arrange redelivery. The courier will contact with us also so we will send you email for this situation. This does not apply to posts.
  • In case of posts: Usually notice should be left. In this case the customer will have to contact with their posts with the tracking number and make pick-up from the local post office.



What if the shipping address in the order is wrong and the shipping option is courier (GLS, DPD, DHL, TNT)?

  • In case the order is not shipped and you have informed us, we will correct the shiping address.
  • In case the order is already shipped and we have your correct shipping address, we will contact with the courer and request changing of the shipping address.



What if the shipping address in the order is wrong and the shipping option is posts ?

  • In case the order is not shipped and the customer have informed us, we will correct the shiping address.
  • In case the order is already shipped, most probably the order will be returned back to us and after this happens we will resend to correct shipping address.



Can order be canelled?

Yes, but only if it is not shipped yet. If it is already shipped, the customer will have send it back to us in original unopened condition and after we receive it we will make refund.



Custom delays

It is probable, but highly unlikely that packages may get stuck at customs for longer than usual. If this is the case please contact the nearest local courier office of chosen delivery service for more information.



Do we declare lower custom value or mark as a gift the package?

No. We always declare the real value of the package. We don't mark it as a gift as well. Please do not ask us to declare lower value or mark it as a gift.



Custom duties or broker taxes

There may be customs duties or broker taxes. We are not responsible for any additional duties or taxes. We are not aware how much will they be and if there will be any at all. So its customer's responsibility to verify that in the corresponding country for the used shipping courier.



Do we offer educational discount?

We don't provide such kind of discout. However we will do our best to help you for your project.



Returns and replacement

In order to avoid any complications or misunderstandings, please do not return products before contacting us via e-mail: We will make sure to help you initiate the return procedure in a correct way, and get a replacement product or a partial/full refund of the product price. Without prior correspondence with us, Denkovi A E LTD will not accept any returns and will not be obliged to provide you with a replacement product or refund, including any expenses that customers faced in the meantime.

We accept returns 14 days after receiving the order. The return package must contain the original invoice. You will have to cover all shipping expenses.

We can accept returns in cases:

  • DOA (dead on arrival) event;
  • Product Deffect in 14 days after receiving;
  • Wrong Order - the customer received not what they ordered;
  • Wrong item ordered or item not needed anymore - the customer can send the item back to us in 14 days after receiving it but only if the item is in original unopened condition.

We do not accept returns in case:

  • The item is damaged by the customer because of inproper using as per instructions in its web page;
  • The customer want/need some feature that is not described/included in the item description page;


In case of return the customer will have to send us back the claimed order with the original invoice included:

  1. The shipping will be covered by the customer unless the case is Wrong Order (then we will cover the return shipping as well).
  2. In cases for DOA, Product Deffect and Wrong Order, after we have the claimed order received, we will in 5 business days either send replacement (shipping will be payed by us) either will make full refund.
  3. In cases when wrong item ordered or item not needed anymore, after we have the claimed order received, we will in 5 business days make partial refund (we won't refund the shipping cost payed by the customer).




In case of refund, the amount will be sent back (refunded) via the original payment method used for ordering:

  • If PayPal - to the customer PayPal account
  • If Credit Cards - to the customer credit card




Denkovi A E LTD can provide support only in case you provide order or invoice number. We are not able to make support for products/services that are not provided by us.




We accept




You can find us on

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