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DRM Software - FAQs

Please take your time to get familiar with this page. It will help you to understand your how to regiseter and use DRM software and more especially DRM 2.0



Who can use Denkovi Relay Manager (DRM) software ?

DRM software is free but we allow to be used only with hardware manufactured by us. So each our customer who has some of our hardware can use it with DRM sofwtare.


Why is that restriction ?

As we stated, DRM software is free. Its main purpose is to help you to test your relay board and make simple automation project. However although it is free, it is our right to protect our hardware and software. We think this is better rathar than we would made DRM not free.


What is DRM 2.0 ?

DRM 2.0 software is the same like the other versions. However we have added new features like Windows 64 bit support and Linux support and some other features. From this version only "registered devices" can be used with the software.


What is registered device ?

This is device which serial number is registered in our database. These devices are mainly relay boards. If the relay board is based on some etherent controller (Ethernet relay board), its serial number is the MAC address. If this is USB relay board, it is the FTDI serial number.


How to find my relay board serial number ?

  • If you have ethernet relay board (based on some of our IP controllers) just log via web browser and see the MAC address.
  • If you have USB relay board you can see the FTDI serial number(s) at the device list in DRM software


Do I have to register my relay board somewhere in order to use it with DRM 2.0 ?

No, you don't. If your order is made before 03 June 2013, you will have to send us your reguest in order your device(s) to be recognized by DRM 2.0 software. If you order is made after 03 June 2013, you don't need to do anything as your relay board is registered for sure when it left our facility.


How to request registering of my device and be able to use it with DRM 2.0 ?

It is simple. Just send us E-mail to with the following information:

  • invoice/order number
  • device (relay board) serial number

After that we will register your device(s) and you will receive confirmation email for that. Then you will be able to use DRM 2.0 software.


Can I use one relay board on many computers with DRM 2.0 ?

Yes. Once your relay board serial number is in our database, you will be able to use it freely on many computer.


Is it required Internet connection in order to work with DRM 2.0 ?

Yes, but only if the relay board is used on this Operating System for first time (initially). This is because it must be verified via interenet with the chips database. Once the relay board is registered, you can continue to use it without internet with DRM 2.0.


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