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Credit Cards, we accept Visa, MasterCard
Paypal, you can place the order directly via our web shop
Wire transfer, please contact with us for Proforma-Invoice

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For EU Customers

All prices are WITHOUT VAT

If you are located in EU and your company has valid VAT number we will reduce the VAT charge AFTER you make the order as our site does not support online VAT number validation. We do it as partial refund. You can use this online tool for VAT validation:


DHL Express or FedEx


  • Denkovi Team will select the best shipping option for your order - DHL Express or FedEx
  • Shipping cost depends on your address and order's weight. The prices are described in the table below in USD. Our webstore's shipping selection screen displays all available options during checkout, typical transit times and the prices. To see the shipping charges to your specific location, put the items you want to buy in your shopping cart, then proceed to checkout. Exact shipping charges are calculated and shown after you have entered your address information and before you submit your order.


Order weight, gr

Zone 1

(Greece, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia),


 Zone 2

(European Union),


Zone 3



up to 500
501 - 1000
1001 - 1500
1501 - 2000
over 2000



Registered Mail


  • Prices are shown in the bellow table:
Order weigh, gr Shipping cost for EU, USD Shipping cost Worldwide (outside EU), USD
up to 20 3.70 4.20
from 21 up to 50 4.10 5.10
from 51 up to 100 4.90 5.80
from 101 up to 150 5.60 6.90
from 151 up to 250 6.90 9.20
from 251 up to 350 8.10 10.90
from 351 up to 500 9.90 13.90
from 501 up to 1000 16.80 20.80
from 1001 up to 2000 24.30 28.90
  • The shipping cost for single item is marked in every product page like "Estimated Shipping with Posts"
  • For order with more items, you can procees with ordering and at the finalt step you will receive the total shipping cost, just before payment
  • Delivery time: 10-15 business days for Europe and 15-20 business days for rest of the World. Please note this time is not fixed and may vary because of the Posts. In some rarely cases it may become up-to 30 business days.
  • Tracking link (shows the parcel status while in Bulgaria):
  • Each parcel can be tracked for the corresponding country in this link:



Additional information - valid for all shipping methods


  • Every item is shipped from our facility which is located in BULGARIA, EUROPE
  • Handling time: up to 3 business days (for larger orders - please contact with us)
  • If the shipping company didn't manage to find you at the indicated address, you should contact with them either to arrange redelivery, either to pick-up from their office
  • Tracking number is available for all shipping options
  • You will receive confirmation on your ordering email once the order is shipped
  • For all shipping options signature is required up on receiving the order
  • Additional custom delays may appear for countries outside European Union
  • Additional custom duties may appear in case your country is out of European Union - you can contact with the corresponding shipping carier in your country for that
  • In any case of problems during receiving - you can contact with us and we will try to help


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