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smartDEN IP-PLC - Ethernet I/O Relay Programmable Logic Controller

smartDEN IP-PLC is an Ethernet module (IP PLC controller) which can be used in a wide range of automation, remote monitoring, control, measurement and data-acquisition applications. Thank to its multi-channel design (8 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs,  4 temperature inputs, 8 SPDT relays and 2 analog outputs) this device can perform simultaneously a variety of measurement, control and automation functions. The built-in web interface allows users to configure the smartDEN IP-PLC, as well as to monitor/control input/output channels manually. smartDEN IP-PLC provides XML/JSON interface for integration with third-party developed applications. Supported by DRMv3.

In addition, smartDEN IP-PLC module can execute a custom program, written in a simple high-level language called DAEL. The program is composed directly from web browser and then checked and uploaded to the module. When started, the custom program is executed in parallel with the other functions and does not restrict any of them. Thus, the smartDEN IP-PLC module can work in standalone mode without need to be controlled by the network and solve more complex tasks like traffic lights control, PID controller, smart aquarium control, garage/barrier control, car park count and more.

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  • Fully compatible with 10/100/1000 Base-T networks, Auto-MDIX;
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, SNTP, ICMP (ping);


  • 8 digital inputs with On/Off LED (input voltage range: 0-12V DC / 0-24V DC);
  • 8 counters (32 bit) attached to digital inputs;
  • 4 analog inputs (input voltage range: 0-10V DC);
  • 4 temperature inputs for sensors NTC thermistors type B57500M;
  • Linearization (scaling) for the analog inputs;
  • Programmable temperature units: Celsius/Fahrenheit;
  • Configurable filters for the digital/analog inputs;


  • 8 SPDT relays (with NO and NC contacts);
  • 2 analog outputs: 0-10V DC (10 bit resolution);
  • Single pulse feature for the relay outputs;

Web Interface:

  • Configuration of system parameters;
  • Outputs control, access current measurements;
  • Secure login authorization;
  • Access protection (by IP and MAC address);

TCP/IP Services:

  • HTTP server:
  • Read (GET) current input/output values in XML/JSON format;
  • Set outputs along with GET request parameters;
  • Encrypted login can be used to access XML/JSON values;

Standalone Mode:

  • PLC - user can program the I/O of the module to work in custom way using DAEL language;
  • Single digital input can be configured to control several relays;
  • Single or differential analog input can be configured to control several relays;
  • Week schedule table for start/stop the DAEL program at specific time without computer (up to 30 events);
  • Real time clock (can sync up with network time servers);

Power Supply:

  • Supply voltage: 12V DC or 24V DC (selectable during purchase);
  • Additional source voltage 12V DC or 24V DC provided to power input sensors;
  • Power supply protection against reverse polarity;

Physical and Environment:

  • Working temperature range: 0 to 70°C;
  • DIN rail standard housing;



  •  Documentation - here




  • Custom programing of the module by the user via DAEL language;
  • Standalone work (without computer);
  • Easy programing / re-programing;



Package include:

  • 1 x smartDEN IP-PLC module (12V or 24V version, depending on selected choice during ordering)
  • 1 x temperature NTC sensor B57500M

Please note the product does not come with power supply adapter that you may need. We offer suitable 12V or 24V adapters



Basic application examples:

  • Electrical appliances remote control applications
  • Monitoring and logging applications
  • Standalone applications with sensors and electrical devices
  • Events counter
  • Web based thermo-regulator
  • Home automation
  • Irrigation systems


Controlling electrical appliances remotely



Monitoring sensors online



Controlling electrical devices depending on sensors values automatiacally (PC used only for configuration)



Web based thermo-regulator



smartDEN IP-PLC used in application for counting customers in shops



smartDEN IP-PLC has the unique capability to act like "differential" thermoregulator (control relay depending on two analog inputs values difference)



smartDEN IP-PLC analog outputs can be used for diming led lights (not directly, but using led driver 0/1 - 10V)



Advanced application examples using programming via DAEL:

  • Custom pulse generators
  • Triangular wave generators
  • Advanced week/month scheduler
  • Advanced thermostats
  • Car park counting systems
  • Aquarium control systems
  • Barrier control
  • Garage door control
  • Automation of production lines
  • Advanced lighting dimming scenes
  • Traffic light applications
  • Photovoltaic charge systems
  • PID process controller
  • Many more...



Car park counting

Barrier control

Garage door control

Traffic Lights control

Aquarium smart applications



smartDEN IP-PLC overview




DAEL script language

DAEL (Denkovi Assembly Electronics Langiage) is very simple language used especially for smartDEN IP-PLC programming. It is C like language and provides addition, substraction, multiplication and division. There are several variables predefined, comments and up to 10 000 symbols free program space which is more that enough for complex tasks.


Additionally the predefined variables can be accessed from HTTP GET requests which allows third-party applications to start/stop and control the custom DAEL program.


The DAEL lanuguage itself and some source code examples are detailed explained in the documentation.


// Example script for pulsing

// This example generates 10 pulses on Relay 1

REL1 = 0;  // Initial Relay state - OFF

VAR_I1 = 0;  // Initialization of the loop variable

while (VAR_I1 < 20)  // Check the end condition


  REL1 = 2;  // Toggle the Relay state

  delay(10);  // Delay of 1 sec

  VAR_I1 = VAR_I1 + 1;  // Increment the loop variable





Access smartDEN IP-PLC from browser

The device has bult-in web server so you can access its resources from any modern web browser. The custom program edit/upload/debug is also done from the web server.



Access via software DRMv3

This device is supported by DRMv3 Software.

The device can be found in the device list under the default name: smartDEN IP-PLC







Access smartDEN IP-PLC from mobile devices

Android App DAE-aModules


Android app on Google Play




Some useful information:

  • Select device smartDEN IP-PLC. Enter the IP address (URL), HTTP Port and web server main password for the device;



Control smartDEN IP-PLC I/O and program via JSON/XML/HTTP GET requests

It is possible to access not only the I/O lines via HTTP GET requests (current_state.xml / program.json) but also the DAEL custom program state and variables (/progra.xml / program.json). This is very suitable in cases where the program must be controlled from third party application / service. The returned reply is in XML or JSON format.








Release Date Current  Version Update Utility Version History Note
Feb 2024


Denkovi Finder   Version History Instructions how to update - will be sent by request only


Denkovi software

  • DRMv3 Software - software for monitoring, control and configuration - here
  • DAE-aModules - App for Android mobile devices, support link here
  • Denkovi Finder - utility for discovery DAEnetIP4 and smartDEN devices in local network - here


Third party software

  • Home Assistant - This device is supported by Home Assistant. For more information - please follow this article.
  • openHAB - This device is supported by the powerful home automation system openHAB. Please take a look at our application note for more information. You can also download the configuration files for openHAB (ver 2.2.0) for communication via HTTP GET requests.
  • Domoticz - This device is supported by the powerful home automation system Domoticz. Please take a look at our application note for more information -


Software communication examples

  • Node-RED IoT platform - example communication flow in HTTP. More about Denkovi modules and Node-RED: here.
  • Java - Example how to set/get the smartDEN IP-PLC I/O status using HTTP GET requests in Java.
  • VB.NET - Example how to set/get the smartDEN IP-PLC I/O status using HTTP GET requests in VB.NET
  • C#.NET - Example how to set/get the smartDEN IP-PLC I/O status using HTTP GET requests in C#.NET
  • VC++.NET - Example how to set/get the smartDEN IP-PLC I/O status using HTTP GET requests in VC++.NET
  • PHP Demo - Example how to set/get the smartDEN IP-PLC I/O status using HTTP GET requests in PHP
  • Delphi Lazarus - Example how to set/get the smartDEN IP-PLC I/O status using HTTP GET requests in Delhpi (Lazarus)
  • Visual Basic 6 - Example how to set/get the smartDEN IP-PLC I/O status using HTTP GET requests in VB6
  • Node.js - Example how to set/get the smartDEN IP-PLC I/O status using HTTP GET requests in node.js
  • Python - Example how to set/get the device I/O status using HTTP GET requests


  • Problem: There is an access to the device via PING and Denkovi Finder "see" it, however it is not possible to open it's web server via any browser (the HTTP port is correct as well).
  • Solution: Some antivirus software (like Avast for example) may block the HTTP traffic to the device. Be sure this type of communication is enabled by your antivirus/firewall software.


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