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DAE-AN013: Majordomotic with Denkovi Ethernet Relays

Majordomotic is cloud home automation system which is compatible with all our ethernet devices - DAEnetIP2, DAEnetIP3, DAEnetIP4 and smartDEN.





  • Cloud system - no need to install
  • Access from everywhere on the world (internet is required)
  • Compatible with every smartphone, tablet, PC which has browser
  • Can control unlimited number of denkovi ethernet relay boards
  • Notifications via email
  • Turn ON/OFF relays as per particular date/time
  • Currently it is possible to control only the relays of our hardware!



List with supported denkovi hardware (ethernet relays)

Order number
Relay board name and link
Corresponding Majordomotic device name
DAEnetIP2 DAEnetIP2 - SNMP Ethernet controller with 24 digital/analog I/O Denkov DAEnetIP2
DAEnetIP3 IP controller with Web, 32 I/O, HTTP API, SMTP - DAEnetIP3-ET Denkov DAEnetIP3
DAEnetIP4 DAEnetIP4 - SNMP Ethernet controller with 34 digital/analog I/O Denkov DAEnetIP4
DAEnetIP2 + DAE-RB/Ro2-12V Internet/Ethernet Two Channel Relay Board Denkov DAEnetIP2
DAEnetIP2 + DAE-RB/Ro8-12V Internet/Ethernet Eight Channel Relay Board - ver.2 Denkov DAEnetIP2
DAEnetIP2 + DAE-RB/Ro16-12V Internet/Ethernet Sixteen Channel Relay Board Denkov DAEnetIP2
DAE-RB/Ro8-12V + DAEnetIP3-ET TCP/IP, Web and Telnet Eight Channel Relay Board Denkov DAEnetIP3
DAE-RB/Ro8-12V + DAEnetIP3-WT Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g eight channel relay board Denkov DAEnetIP3
DAE-PB-RO12/DI8/AI8 + DAEnetIP3-EB Ethernet TCP/IP Data Acquisition I/O Module  Denkov DAEnetIP3
DAE-PB-RO12/DI8/AI8 + DAEnetIP3-WB Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g Data Acqusition I/O Module Denkov DAEnetIP3
DAE-PB-RO8-RAS1215/AI8-010VLM35+DAEnetIP2 SNMP 8 Relay Module for Temperature Measurement LM35DZ Denkov DAEnetIP2
smartDEN-IP-16R smartDEN LAN Ethernet 16 Relay Board Denkov smartDEN-IP-16R
DAE-PB-RO12-3FC/DI8/AI8+DAEnetIP4 Internet/Ethernet 12 Channel Relay Board with DAEnetIP4 - I/O, SNMP, Web Denkov DAEnetIP4
DAE-PB-RO5+DAEnetIP4 Ethernet Relay Card 5 Channel - SNMP, HTTP/XML API, Real Time Clock Denkov DAEnetIP4
DAE-PB-RO5+DAEnetIP3 Ethernet Relay Card 5 Channel with DAEnetIP3 - TCP/IP, HTTP API, RTC Denkov DAEnetIP3



Add new device

To add new device, click "New Device".



Device settings

Fill the parameters for the device.


  • Device URL - WAN (external) IP address or URL of the device;
  • External port - WAN (external) HTTP port;
  • HTTP WAN Username - WAN (external) HTTP username;
  • HTTP WAN Password - WAN (external) HTTP password;
  • SNMP Password - WAN (external) SNMP password (community);
  • SNMP Port - WAN (external) SNMP port;
  • LAN IP Address - LAN (internal) IP address or URL of the device;
  • LAN Port - LAN (internal) HTTP port;
  • LAN Username - LAN (internal) HTTP username;
  • LAN Password - LAN (internal) HTTP password;
  • Device model - device model;
  • Location - device location;
  • Position - device position;

Denkovi devices using HTTP protocol:


Denkovi devices using SNMP protocol:



Manage existing devices

From this page it is possible to view and manage the existing devices.



Manage IO ports

From here it is possible to set ON/OFF relays and receive their state as well.


  • Turn ON - turn this relay ON;
  • Turn ON - turn this relay OFF
  • Get status - get the relay status for this relays;
  • Setting - settings for this relay;
  • Delete - delete this relay;
  • Add new Device Port - add relay;



IO Settings


  • PortName - the name for this port by the user;
  • Port Number - original name/number of this port;
  • Output Behaviour:
    • Pulse - pulse mode (requires time parameter - OutPut Behaviour Parameter)
    • ON/OFF - simple on/off
  • OutPut Behaviour Parameter - time paraneter;
  • Port type - currently it is supported Digital Output only;
  • Image - image for the port;
  • Protocol - SNMP or HTTP;





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