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smartDEN Notifier - IoT Module with MQTT, eMail Alerts, XML/JSON API

smartDEN Notifier is an Ethernet input module that can be used in a wide range of remote monitoring, measurement, data-acquisition, security and alert notification applications. Thank to its multi-channel design (16 digital, 8 analog and 8 thermistor inputs) this device can perform simultaneously a variety of measurements, for example temperature, humidity, light, pressure, voltage, current etc. The Web interface allows users to configure the smartDEN Notifier, as well as to monitor current measurements. Supported by DRMv3 Software. Along with the current measurements can be downloaded from a remote IP host in XML/JSON format, smartDEN Notifier is capable to send alerts and notifications via MQTT protocol and e-Mail. Works with Home Assistant, Domoticz and OpenHAB home automation systems as well as with Node-RED IoT platform.

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  • 16 digital inputs with ON/OFF LED; Schmitt trigger for each. Levels: (0-12VDC or 0-24VDC);
  • 8 analog inputs 0-10V DC;
  • 8 temperature inputs for NTC thermistors sensors 10K (from -55 to +155°C) - B57500M103A005, B57703M0103A017B57500K0103A001
  • High quality terminal blocks;


  • Fully Compatible with 10/100/1000 Base-T networks, Auto-MDIX;
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, ICMP (ping), MQTT, SMTP;
  • Configurable log file size (100 KB to 1 MB);

Web Interface:

  • Configuration of system parameters;
  • Access current measurements;
  • Secure login authorization;
  • Access protection (by IP and MAC address);

TCP/IP Services:

  • HTTP server: Access (GET) current measurements in XML/JSON format;
  • Encrypted login process for reading inputs status and analog/temperature values;

Notifications (Alerts, alarms):

  • MQTT notifications (triggered by threshold events and/or periodically);
  • Notifications via e-Mail using SMTP (SSL is not supported, triggered by threshold events);

API for developers communicating with the module via:

  • MQTT protocol;
  • HTTP protocol;
  • Software examples in different platforms - here;


Real Time Clock (RTC):

  • Built-in real time clock;
  • Backup power source for the RTC keeping the onboard time for days;

Power Supply:

  • Supply voltage 10..28V DC;
  • Additional source voltage 5V DC is provided for an easy sensors supply;

Physical and Environment:

  • Working temperature range: 0 to 70°C;
  • DIN Rail standard housing;
  • 2 mounting fleets for wall fixing.


  • Product documentation - here


The package include

  • smartDEN Notifier module;
  • One temperature sensor B57500M;
  • 2 mounting feets for wall fixing;



Application Examples

  • Sending alerts notifications (messages) to opearator if the measured value is above/below some threshold - for example temperature, humidity, light, pressure, wind speed/direction, water level etc;
  • Sending alerts notifications (messages) to opearator if the an event is detected - from detectors like PIR, motion, beam, gas, smoke, heat, access control;
  • Monitoring and alerts for datacenters;
  • Home automation;
  • Security applications;
  • Weather station applications - wind speed / direction, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation monitoring;
  • Hydrographic monitoring of water level, water depth, water flow, water pH, water conductivity;
  • Soil moisture level monitoring;
  • Gas pressure monitoring;
  • Monitoring a variety of environmental conditions;
  • Measure variations in light intensity;
  • Tank level monitoring;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Load profile monitoring for energy consumption management;
  • Temperature, humidity and power use for heating and air conditioning efficiency studies;
  • Water level monitoring for groundwater studies.


SmartDEN Notifier remote sensore monitoring.








SmartDEN Notifier Overview



Compatible Sensors

SmartDEN Notifier is shipped with one NTC thermistor sensor B57500M Epoxy Resin (up to 8 such sensors are supported by singe module). However additional sensors with modified housing can be ordered from our store from these links:


The module has 8 analog inputs 0-10V which can be used also with every analog output sensor within this voltage range. You can check our other sensors as well for the analog inputs: LM35DZ (temperature), LM335Z(temperature), HIH-4000 (humidity), TSL250R(light), GP2Y0A21YK (Proximity), Voltage Transducer 0-300V AC In, 0-10V DC Out, Current Transducer 0-50A AC In, 0-10V DC Out, Wind Speed sensors, Wind Direction sensors and any other analog sensor which can produce analog voltage 0-10V.


The digital inputs can be used with any NO/NC or PNP output sensor like PIR, BEAM, BARRIER, GAS, SHOCK, SMOKE, VIBRATION, ACCESS CONTROL TERMINALS and so on...



Voltage supply output for sensors

smartDEN-Notifier has bilt-in supply out for sensors, so you don't need to care about external power supply for your project. It is possible to take 5VDC and 12/24VDC supply voltage from the module.



Access smartDEN Notifier via web browser

smartDEN-Notifier has built-in web server so all the parameters can be configured from regular web browser. It is possible also to monitor the input values as well.


SmartDEN Notifier web server


Access via software DRMv3

This device is supported by DRMv3 Software.

The device can be found in the device list under the default name: smartDEN Notifier-XML or smartDEN Notifier-MQTT








Access smartDEN Notifier via XML/JSON GET Requests

For software integrators - as usually, the module supports HTTP GET requests with JSON/XML reply.

SmartDEN Notifier HTTP GET request concept

Sample JSON GET request:

Sample XML GET request:

Please refer to the documentation for more information what is the command format and what parameters are supported.

XML and JSON GET request / reply



Access smartDEN Notifier via MQTT Protocol

MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport or also called Machine To Machine or Machine2Machine) protocol is very popular one used widely especially for IoT applications. smartDEN Notifier supports that protocol and this brings one more convient way for integration in third parity systems.

Of course an MQTT broker is required for that, but fortunately Nowadaysthere are lot of free public brokers like:


The module can publish its inputs states periodically or upon event triggered. It is also possible to request the inputs states only via request (poll). For more information please refer to the module technical documentation.

Nowadays, there are lot of MQTT applications available. For example one such software app, ready to be used for monitroing the smartDEN Notifier inputs is the MQTT Spy, which is very useful for when you need to debug the mqtt payloads (messages) sent by the smartDEN Notifier.


SmartDEN Notifier and MQTT Spy client software.


Another useful testing tool for iOS is MQTT Probe


SmartDEN Notifier and MQTT Probe client software.



Access from Home Assistant

Home Assistant is very powerful home automation system. Please checkout our application note for more information.




Access smartDEN Notifier from OpenHAB

OpenHAB is a third party open source free home automation software. Run your server on Linux, macOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi, PINE64, Docker, Synology... Access it with apps for the web, iOS, Android and others. Use a powerful and flexible engine to design rules, with time and event-based triggers, scripts, actions, notifications and voice control.


There are two ways of communication - via HTTP and MQTT requests. More information about the integration with our hardware - or contact with us.

Please note notifications are not accessible from OpenHAB but only the inputs.





Access smartDEN Notifier from Domoticz

Domoticz is a free open source popular home automation software which can run on Windows, Linux, MAC, Rasberry PI and others. It is a home automation system design to control various devices and receive input from various sensors. Access it with apps for the web, iOS, Android and others.


More information about how to connect and use it with our hardware - or contact with us.

Please note notifications are not accessible from Domoticz but only the inputs.




Access smartDEN Notifier from Node-RED

Node-RED is a flow-based programming platform for the Internet of Things. We prepared small example for communication between Node-RED and our device. More info about Node-RED and denkovi modules: here

You can download the example Node-RED flows from here: MQTT and HTTP

Please note notifications are not accessible from Node-RED but only the inputs.




Access smartDEN Notifier via Android App DAE-aModules

Android App DAE-aModules


Android app on Google Play


It is possible to control the smartDEN Notifier via two ways with DAE-aModules - via MQTT protocol (you have to select smartDEN Notifier - Cloud and you will need MQTT broker) and via GET requests (selecting smartDEN Notifier - XML).



Useful information about DAE-aModules and smartDEN Notifier:

  • In case smartDEN Notifier - Cloud is selected:
    • MQTT Server - this is the MQTT broker IP address or DNS name (for example;
    • MQTT Server Port - the MQTT broker port (usually 1883);
    • MAC Address - the MAC address of smartDEN Notifier;
    • User Name - the username used for connection (see it from "MQTT Settings" page from web server);
    • Password - the password used for connection (see it from "MQTT Settings" page from web server);
  • In case smartDEN Notifier - XML is selected:
    • IP address (URL) - the IP address of the smartDEN Notifier;
    • Web Server Port - the web server port of the smartDEN Notifier;
    • Password - the web password (can be found in "General Settings" page);



Receiving MQTT Notifications

These are also so called "Push Notifications". They can be published by the smartDEN Notifier periodically or when some event occures.


SmartDEN Notifier sending notifications concept.


Notifications can be easily received via any adroid phone using our DAE-aModule free android app:


Receiving push notifications with DAE-aModules



MQTT or HTTP GET Requests

MQTT (cloud communication) can be used when you don't want to make Port-Forwarding and you need to receive notifications. However you need MQTT broker and internet connection (unless there is locally installed MQTT broker).


HTTP GET Requests communication can be used when you don't want to use cloud service and you want to control the device directly. However notifications at this stage are disabled and it may be necessary to make Port-Forwarding.



Receiving eMail Notifications

The  module is able to send eMail alerts (notifications) to one email address upon event generated by some of the analog, digital or temperature inputs. Just put your eMail address into the device eMail settings page and start receiving notifications immediately. Please note SSL is not supported. The supported SMTP protocol is PLAIN AUTH.


SmartDEN Notifier supports SMTP (eMail) alerts (notifications) upon event.


Sample eMail.





Denkovi software

  • DRMv3 Software - software for monitoring, control and configuration - here
  • Denkovi Finder - utility for discovery DAEnetIP4 and smartDEN devices in local network - here
  • DAE-aModules - App for Android mobile devices, support link here


Third parity software


Software examples


We accept




You can find us on

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