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USB 16 Channel Relay Board for Automation - Virtual COM (Serial) Port

The relay module is with 16 SPDT relays. The relays are controlled via PC USB port and it is shown as virtual serial port (virtual com port). It is possible to control directly 220V / 120V devices with your PC usb port up to 15A max. There is flexible software for this usb relay board allowing to be designed simple automation project or control from command line. Supported by DRMv3 Software. Numerous software examples can be provided (VB6, BCB6, Java, .NET, Labview, Python). Works with Domoticz and OpenHAB home automation systems as well as with Node-RED IoT platform.

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  • Power supply requirements (selectable during purchase):
    • 12V DC / consumption - 600mA
    • 24V DC / consumption - 400mA
  • 16 SPDT relay channels (the type depends on the stocks quantity in our store):
    • TONGLING - JQC-3FF-S-Z (10A / 250VAC, 15A / 120VAC, 10A / 28VDC)
    • SUNHOLD - RAS xx15 (10A / 250VAC, 15A / 120VAC, 15A / 24VDC) 
  • USB connector: type B
  • Converter chipset: FT232RL
  • FT232RL optical isolation against communication noises
  • Communication: serial USB communication (Virtual Com Port)
  • Led-s: Relay Led, Power ON Led, USB ON Led, Rx Led, Tx Led
  • PCB parameters: FR4 / 1.5mm / two layers / metalized holes / HAL / white stamp / solder mask
  • Possible to be mounted into Din Rail Box (see options for more details)
  • Extra PCB openings for better voltage isolation
  • Doubled high current tracks
  • Size: W=82mm x L=203mm x H=24mm
  • Operating temperature range: from -30 ºC to +80 ºC
  • Supported by DRMv3 Software (Windows, Linux, Raspbian) - New
  • Supported by DRM software (Windows and Linux)
  • Supported by Denkovi Command line tool (Windows, Linux)
  • Supported by openHAB home automation software
  • Supported by Domoticz home automation software
  • Supported by Node-RED IoT platform
  • Software examples - here
  • Documentation - here 


For customers already purchased the old USB relay boards

Please note this product fully replace our old products:

There is not software (protocol) changes. You can use the same software. However there are several hardware improvements:

  • Added option for 24VDC supply
  • PCB size (dimensions are shown in the documentation pdf)
  • Optical isolation between FT232 and CPU for better communication
  • Din rail box option


Relay Module Overview


USB 16 Relay Module - overview



The relay module is shown like Virtual Com Port

The device will appear in your computer as USB Serial Port



Access via software DRMv3

This device is supported by DRMv3 Software.

The device can be found in the device list under the default name: USB 16 Relay VCP







Denkovi Relay Command Line Tool

The main goal of this project is to help you to use our USB relay boards easily and without any specific knowledge how do they work. This tool is actually shell for all our USB relay boards and it does not matter which is the relay board, the command is the same. Just type one command and the the tool will set, get relay status or even will take temperature value from the board sensor (if any). It can be integrated in other software and you don't need to know much about how the USB relay board protocol. With this tool it is like a "game" and it takes literaly minutes to create for example PHP script and control the USB relay board from smartphone browser.

Typical applications for this software are:

  • Create desktop icons to turn particular relays
  • Create BAT/BASH files to make more complex logic (like timers for example)
  • The commands can be executed from PHP script
  • Control our USB relay boards from Android / iPhone mobile devices
  • The USB relays can be controlled from each software/platform which can run external executable files or commands in command line promt

Example commands:

LIST COMMAND - lists all devices connected to computer.

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar list 


STATUS COMMAND - display relay(s) status(es).

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar DAE0006K 16 1 status

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar DAE0006K 16 all status


SET COMMAND - set relay(s) state(s).

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar DAE0006K 16 5 1

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar DAE0006K 16 all 0

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar DAE0006K 16 turn 1010101010101010


TIMER COMMAND - exectues time-critical operations. Well known fact is that every time when we run the command line tool the jvm is runned and this takes significant time. Many users contacted us with requests to execute timer commands for time-critical operations. That's why we added such command. It can perform single pulse, many pulses and even cycles with more complex sequences of pulses and every pulse can be with different time (in miliseconds). Please note the state bits must be equal to the relay numer!

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar id=1 4 timer 1,1111,10,0000,50,1111,25 //makes all relays ON for 10ms, all OFF for 50ms and all ON for 25ms

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar id=1 8 timer 5,11111111,10,00000000,100 //makes all relays ON for 10ms and all OFF for 100ms - 5 times

java -jar DenkoviRelayCommandLineTool.jar id=1 16 timer 5,1000000000000000,10,0000000000000000,1000 //makes first relay ON for 10ms and OFF for 1sec - 5 times


For more information - here

For download - here

Windows: tested on XP, Vista, 7 and 8

Linux: tested on Ubuntu and OpenSuse



DRM Software

The device is supported by DRM Software. DRM Software is Windows/Linux software for controlling all our relay boards. Supported OS:

Windows: tested on XP, Vista, 7 and 8

Linux: tested on Ubuntu and OpenSuse


Denkovi Relay Manager Software (DRM Software)
DRM Software image - control mode for USB 16 Channel Relay Module


For more information about DRM Software, documentation and download - here

Download the last version (install package) - DRMsetup.exe

Download the last version (intstall archive) - DRMsetup.rar





Access USB 16 Relay from OpenHAB

OpenHAB is a third party open source free home automation software. Run your server on Linux, macOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi, PINE64, Docker, Synology... Access it with apps for the web, iOS, Android and others. Use a powerful and flexible engine to design rules, with time and event-based triggers, scripts, actions, notifications and voice control.


There communication way is via serial commands. More information about the integration with our hardware - or contact with us.




Access USB 16 Relay from Domoticz

Domoticz is a free open source popular home automation software which can run on Windows, Linux, MAC, Rasberry PI and others. It is a home automation system design to control various devices and receive input from various sensors. Access it with apps for the web, iOS, Android and others.


More information about how to connect and use it with our hardware - or contact with us.




Access USB 16 Relay from Node-RED

Node-RED is a flow-based programming platform for the Internet of Things. We prepared small example for communication between Node-RED and our device. More info about Node-RED and denkovi modules: here

You can download the example Node-RED flows from here: serial commands flow



USB 16 Relay Manager

USB 16 Relay Manager is software from Denkovi for controlling all our USB 16 Relay Boards

Screenshot - here

For more information about USB 16 Relay Manager, screen-shots and detailed description - here

Download the last version (install package) - USB16RelayManager.exe

Download the last version (install archive) - USB16RelayManager.rar



USB Relay Timer

USB 16 Relay Timer is software from Denkovi for all our USB 16 Relay Boards. We developed this application because sometimes we need to switch on for example this relay for 5 sec or switch off that relay for 2.2 sec. With this Relay Timer Manager you can do such operations with resolution about 100 ms. You can add very larg number of states and each state can take delay from 100 ms up to 999,9 sec. The interface as you see is user-friendly and you can save or load your project (in .txt format). This system (USB 16 Channel Relay Module - RS232 Controlled plus USB Relay Timer) is suitable for small christmas light displays, home irrigation systems, also you could find solution of problems in the automation when it is required some sequence of different states and many others.

Screenshot - here 

For more information about USB 16 Relay Timer, screen-shots and detailed description - here

Download the last version (install package) - USB16RelayTimer.exe

Download the last version (install archive) - USB16RelayTimer.rar


BCB Com Port Tool

BCB Com Port Tool is open source application for RS232/RS485 communication


This is windows application that allows you to test not only the USB 16 Channel Relay Module - RS232 Controlled but any other RS232/RS485 device. You can send and receive data easily, adjust the COM port, baud rate and so on. This project is open source and its main purpouse is to help you developing your own RS232 application.

BCB Com Port Tool and USB 16 Channel Relay Module


For more information about BCB Com Port Tool, screen-shots and detailed description - here

Download the last version (install package) -BCBComPortTool.exe

Download the last version (install archive) - BCBComPortTool.rar

Download the source (install archive) - source.rar




Denkovi software


Third party software


 Software examples

  • Node-RED IoT platform - example communication flows with serial communication. More about Denkovi modules and Node-RED: here.
  • Delphi Lazarus - example how to set/get the status of the relays.
  • JAVA -  Example how to set/get the relays status.
  • Visual Basic 6 - Example how to set the 1 and 16 relays
  • Boriland C++ Builder 6 - Open source UART terminal, suitable for serial communication
  • .NET (Visual Basic, C#, C++) - examples with set and get relays status
  • LabVIEW 2011 (screen) -  Example how to set and read the status of the relays. (The FTDI functions work on LabVIEW ver >7.0). For download please contact us.
  • Python example soure code for Windows (Thanks Peter Bingham - p.bingham at camlintechnologies dot com)
  • Node.js - Example how to communicate with the board using Node.js and serial communication
USB relay board
USB 16 Relay Board
USB 16 SPDT relays

by Kevin, 07 Jun 2017

Works as described! Thank you!

by Bryan, 10 Jan 2017

Well packing and very fast delivery to Germany. Works as described.

by Matthias , 17 Nov 2016

Very good product! Thank you

by Basil Irwin, 12 May 2014

This board is the absolutely perfect device for my need, which is to build a Doug Coil "Rife" Machine in which the 16 manual tuning switches have been replaced with the Denkovi Relay board in order to automatically tune the machine's RLC circuit as well as to automatically operate the machine from a USB-connected PC. My only complaint is that I have been unable to differentiate the board's power-on/power-off state, so a board that is USB-connected but powered-off appears to be a fully functional board when in fact it is not functional at all.

by M Riley, 18 Apr 2014

Fast shipping and simple instalation.


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