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DAEnetIP2 hardware revision (DAEnetIP2 rev2)

Date: 2017-11-08

From 08 Nov 2017 we start shipping DAEnetIP2 devices with minor hardware changes (rev2). The new hardware is designed in a way to keep the compatibility however there are still small changes:

*  Factory (default) jumper - the factory (default) jumper must be placed at another location on DAEnetIP2 rev2. The procedure is the same like before. Also with the DAEnetIP2 rev2 the jumper is not included (shipped) with the module but must be provided separately.

*  10/100 Ethernet interface is supported by DAEnetIP2 rev2 - the new module has new 10/100 network interface compared with the old DAEnetIP2 which works only in 10Mbit/Half-Duplex mode.

*  Embedded Ethernet interface protection in DAEnetIP2 rev2 -  in the new module as well there is built-in protection of voltages over 10VDC (differential).

*  Software changes - The parameter "Target RST" is in seconds and the "Digital filter for ADC" is removed (the filter is always activated) on DAEnetIP2 rev2.


On the picture below it is shown how does it looks like the DAEnetIP2 rev2 module. You will see on the bottom side label with text "Rev. 2" which means that is DAEnetIP2 rev2 module, otherwise you have the old DAEnetIP2 module.





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