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New firmware update (v1.25) for DAEnetIP4

Date: 2022-09-08

From Sep 2022 DAEnetIP4 devices will be shipped with firmware version v1.25.


1. Added Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) field in the HTTP-header in the GET repsponse;
2. Enabled simultaneous access via HTTP web server and HTTP XML/JSON request without interruption of the web session;
3. "Multiple Access" option in HTTP/XML/JSON Settings is hidden (always '1'); 
4. New MIB file format - validated to level 6;
5. In the snmp SNMP traps it is added second variable binding - the description of the I/O (OctetString);
6. It is fixed the issues with SNMP traps sending during some rare cases (bug fixing);
7. IMPORTANT!!! The HTTP buffer used for HTTP GET requests becomes from 117 to 101 bytes. This must be considered for applications with long HTTP requests;
8. Added additional short HTTP commands for current_state:
- Digital Output: DX (
- Pulse: PX (
- Counter: CX (
- PWM: WX (






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