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DAE-CS001: Data Cener Environment Monitoring with smartDEN modules

Here it is an example how smartDEN 32 Input Module and smartDEN 16 Relays Module can be used for datacener environment monitoring. Values can be monitoried via snmp or web browser, snmp trap messages (alerts) can be sent when temperature is too high or even a ethernet relay can be activated on alarm event.



Environment Monitoring System with smartDEN modules




  • SNMP traps upon certain events - too high level of temperature, humidity, smoke, movement (from PIR sensor)
  • Detecting water leakage, opening and closing doors, smoke, signal from PIR sensors
  • Room monitoring temperature, humidity, light






Technical Description

  • The smartDEN 32 Input Module (optionally smartDEN 16 Relays Module) connects to an Ethernet 10/100 Mbps network.
  • Control and configuration (IP, sensor name, units, trap receiver) is performed over a web GUI.
  • Up to 16 SPST output sensors (like smoke, PIR, water leakage), up to 8 temperature sensors and up to 8 analog outputs sensors (0-10V) can be connected to single smartDEN 32 Input Module
  • NTC temperature sensors with easy installation are available in our shop (
  • Many other sensors can be found easily as well like smoke, PIR, light, airflow, power consumption, humidity, waterleaks and so on...
  • NMP trap message is sent when a safe temperature or other sensor is exceeded, as well as when the temperature or other sensor returns to the safe range.
  • Using SNMP at port 161, the input module can be connected to a monitoring system. For example: HP OpenView, Nagios, Zabbix, The Dude, Intellipool NM and more.
  • MIB table is available for download from the product GUI.


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