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New firmware update (v1.27) for smartDEN IP-PLC

Date: 2022-03-08

From 08 Mar 2022 smartDEN IP-PLC modules will be shipped with firmware version v1.27.


1. Added Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) field in the HTTP-header in the GET repsponse.
2. Enabled simultaneous access (with unchecked Encrypt Password) via HTTP web server and HTTP XML/JSON request without interruption of the web session.
3. "Multiple Access" option in HTTP/XML/JSON Settings is not anymore active (assumed to be always '1' (enabled)).
4. The HTTP timeout is 10 sec.
5. Added Date/Time fields to XML/JSON.
6. Fixed a bug causing DAEL script to stop unexpectedly (Ecxecution Error) at certain moments. Added check sum to each DAEL instruction. If a reading error is detected, they are done up to 19 more EEPROM readings (through 250 ms). If all the 20 sequential readings are not successfull, then Execution Error occures.
7. If Execution Error occures, it is possible to restart the DAEL program with "Run" button from Web pages Program Editor/Control.
8. Added Execution Errors counter in home page and program.xml/program.json. It is stored in EEPROM. It indicates how many EEPROM error readings the PLC managed to fix.



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